English Language Mock Test 22

Welcome to your English Language Mock Test 22

He assured that he / will / look after her ailing mother /during her absence / No Error.

Although his house lacks / the architectural beauty, it is well planned / and comfortable to / live in / No Error.

I have been trying to locate / my English book, I can’t remember / whom / I lent it to / No Error.

One of the questions / he asked / me was, “who did you travel with” ? / No Error.

If you will / work hard, you / will pass / No Error.

None of them / were / able to comprehend / or solve the problem / No Error.

She is wealthy / and can afford / all the pleasures of life / without care / No Error.

If you saw / the number of pancakes he consumed at breakfast / this morning, you would have understood / why he is so over weight / No Error.