English Language Mock Test 3

Welcome to your English Language Mock Test 3

It is a pity that so scarcely any people give money to help the poor.

DIRECTIONS : Q. 21 – 30 :        In each of the following questions, a sentence is given which has a portion underlined. Below the sentences are given three alternative substitutes (marked A, B, C ) which will provide improvement to the underlined portion of the sentence. The fourth alternative ( marked D ) indicates that ‘No’ improvement’ is necessary. Select the correct response from the four alternatives .

I can’t understand you to laugh at that unfortunate fellow .

You had better have your hair cut.

He would have succeeded, unless he had taken part in the competition .

I was disappointed with my friends, as they did a little to help me.

You are expected not talk in the examination hall.

The patient was advised to abstain from drinking alcohol .

The dance that you saw it last night was a classical .

For he was tired of life, he committed suicide .