English Language Mock Test 11

Welcome to your English Language Mock Test 11

The boat capsized and all the passengers were —————- in the river.

Q.1 – 15 :      Choose the word which best completes the sentence :

R.N. Tagore was an ——————– poet of India.

Though grown-up, he still retains his ———— innocence .

We sat on a —————-wintry morning.

Many far-reaching decisions were taken at that —————meeting.

I want to have a ————– of flats on rental basis.

I shall go to Bombay tomorrow to see the doctor you ————–.

Though fond of many acquaintances, I desire ————— only with a few.

To break the stalemate over the controversial issue, the Prime Minister held discussions today with four other leaders to ———— a consensus.

He dislikes being talked ——————-.

Harish was born ————— humble parents in Mumbai .

He is efficient ——————– a fault.

I have hardly recovered from the —————–experience I had while meeting him yesterday.

In India, the percentage of drop-outs from school at Class VIII level is ————————–.