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Why You should apply for SSC CGL Exam. ?

The SSC CGL Offers you :

  • Good Salary and Perks
  • Job Security
  • Low Work Pressure
  •  Opportunity to progress fast & become an Senior Officer in a short span .
  • Social Status

Every year thousands of vacancies are declared by various SSC CGL . However, the completion has become tough as a very large number of candidates apply for the job.

What are the Major Posts under SSC CGL ?

The major  posts to get recruited to under the SSC CGL exam. are as follows :

  • Assistant Audit Officer [Indian Audit and Accounts Dept. under CAG]
  • Inspector (Examiner) [CBEC]
  • Inspector of Income Tax [CBDT]
  • Inspector (Preventive Officer) [CBEC]
  • Inspector (Central Excise) [CBEC]
  • Assistant (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer [Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue]
  • Assistant [Central Vigilance Commission]
  • Assistant [Ministry of Railways]
  • Assistant [AFHQ]
  • Assistant [Intelligence Bureau]
  • Assistant [Other Ministries/Departments/Organizations]
  • Sub Inspectors [Central Bureau of Investigation]
  • Sub Inspectors [NIA]
  • Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat Service)
  • Inspector of Posts [Department of Post]
  • Divisional Accountant [Offices under CAG]
  • Inspector [Central Bureau of Narcotics]
  • II [M/Statistics and Prog Implementation]
  • Auditor [Offices under C&AG, CGDA, CGA]
  • Accountant/Junior Accountant [Offices under CGA and others]
  • Accountant/Junior Accountant [Offices under C&AG]
  • Sub Inspector [Central Bureau of Narcotics]
  • Compiler [Registrar General of India]
  • Tax Assistant [CBEC]
  • Tax Assistant [CBDT]

SSC CGL Main Jobs

As per the analysis, the following mentioned details are about the SSC CGL top 5 jobs as well as their details. 

1. Assistant Audit Officer

Grade – B (Gazetted, Non-Ministerial)

Department : CAG ( Comptroller Auditor General of India )

Age limits : Should not exceed 30 years .

After clearing  all the levels of the SSC CGL exam. you will be  selected as an “Assistant Audit Officer” and you  will be posted under the Indian Audit & Accounts department . Your  main responsibilities will be to  audit the accounts of central or state governments and other public sector companies .

Job Profile: Assistant Audit Officer  job profile mostly includes financial auditing, performance analysis, and compliance audits.

You will have duties for issuing some particular instructions to the government departments. Hence, in future, the govt. departments can make expenditures accurately by working on these recommendations.

The Assistant Audit Officer also possesses the duty to bring wrongdoings/scams of politicians or officials or departments in the light.

As a gazetted officer, the person has involvement in the decision-making process at the section level.

The Promotion :  AAO  shall be promoted in the following ways :                                                      AAO ——> AO (Audit Officer) ——> Sr. AO (Senior Accounts Officer) ——-> Deputy Director / Deputy AG ——> Director / AG ——–> Principal Director / Pr. AG ———-> Director General.

You will join at the initial level and get promotions to the further ranks by qualifying the departmental examinations or by timely promotions awarded by the respective department. Generally, it would take 6-10 years to get promoted as an Audit officer and 2-4 years to become a Senior Audit officer after the first promotion. Rest promotions can be attained with the availability of the respective posts in the department.

2. Assistant Section Officer

Grade- ‘B’

Department :  Central Secretariat Service

Age limits : 20 – 30 years

The Central Secretariat Service serves as the backbone of the administrative work . CSS is considered the best among the other assistant jobs offered by SSC CGL exam. as you may go up to the ‘Under Secretary’ or further posts in the hierarchy.

  • Job Profile : You need to maintain the important links through maintaining communications between Parliament and the central secretariat, especially when it comes to the Parliament questions handling, assurances, and other government bills.
  • You must be skilled in completing files & preparing reports, drafting, noting, and the interpretation of rules & regulations by the CSS members. It will help CSS members to ensure continuity in the government’s policies.


 The promotion will be awarded in the following manner-

Assistant Section officer —> Section Officer—-> Under Secretary—> Joint Director ——-> Director ——> Joint Secretary

You may get a promotion to Section Officer within 5-7 years after joining. However, to get a promotion to the next level, you have to clear the Inter-departmental exam. conducted by UPSC . Otherwise, it would take 10-12 years to the same promotion.

3. Income Tax Inspector Grade- ‘C’

Department : CBDT ( Central Board of Direct Taxes )

Age limits : Should not exceeding 30 years .

CBDT is responsible for collecting direct taxes in the country . Direct taxes include income tax, wealth tax, corporate tax, etc. It functions under the Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance. Job Profile : After deputation in the Income Tax Department as an Income Tax Inspector, you can work under any of the two sections of the department :

  1. Assessment Section
  2. Non-Assessment Section

Under the Assessment section, your job mainly includes performing all desk related works, which falls under the Income Tax Inspector title. You have to assess the income tax of a person or company, which is liable to pay. Besides this, you have to handle the refund claims and TDS related queries.

Under the Non-Assessment section, you have to perform duties in the field. In the field job, you will be a part of the rapid response team, which conducts raids. Before raids, you have to gather all essential information and proper evidence against possible defaulters. This job is very risky and interesting as well.


Income Tax Inspector ——> Income Tax Officer (Grade-‘B’ Gazetted) ——–> Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax ———-> Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax ——–> Joint Commissioner of Income Tax ——> Additional Commissioner of Income Tax ——-> Commissioner of Income Tax

It may take nearly 4-6 years to become an Income Tax Officer, which is a Grade-‘B’ Gazetted post and from ITO to Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, it would take around 10-12 years.

4. Assistant Enforcement Officer

Few basic information regarding this post is given below-

Grade- ‘B’

Department : Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance

Age limits: Should not exceed 30 years .

Enforcement Directorate (ED) is an investigation agency, which primarily involves checking money-laundering activities in India. The primary objective of the Enforcement Directorate is the enforcement of two key acts i.e. FEMA ( Foreign Exchange Management Act ) and PMLA ( Prevention of Money Laundering Act ) .

Job Profile : You will join ED initially as Assistant Enforcement Officer, which is a Grade-‘B’ post. You can be posted in the office or in the field as well. The job profile includes the following job responsibilities :

  • If you are posted in office, then you will be doing some clerical type job like normal filing, making monthly reports, replying to the letters, and presentations. 
  • In case of field job, you have to nab the economic crimes like money laundering, etc.
  • You may also have to gather any intelligence information regarding the money laundering or other economic crimes and then work with the raid team.


Assistant Enforcement Officer —–> Enforcement Officer ——-> Assistant Director of Enforcement Directorate —–> Deputy Director of Enforcement Directorate ——–> Joint Director —–> Additional Director —–> Special Director in Enforcement Directorate.

It may take nearly 4-6 years to get promoted as the Enforcement Officer. Most of the times, your service tenure and grades in inter -departmental exams. also matters for further promotions .

5. Sub-Inspector in CBI

Grade- ‘B’

Department : Central Bureau of Investigation

Age limits : 20- 30 years.

The CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation ) is the premier investigating agency of India. It is known for investigating several economic crimes, special crimes, cases of corruption, and other high-profile cases.

  • Job Profile : This is mostly a field job and includes investigation of various kinds of crimes. The major cases will be those, which are not resolved by the local police.
  • To tackle the crime scenes, you will get a comprehensive training in crime investigation and sometimes, when you go on raid, you will be given a pistol or revolver for self-protection .  


Sub-Inspector—–> Inspector——> Deputy Superintendent ——> Additional Superintendent—-> Superintendent —– > Senior Superintendent

After successful completion of 4 years of service and training, you will get promoted as Inspector.  After completion of 4 years of regular service with good record, you will be eligible to appear in the departmental exam for the post of Deputy Superintendent. Promotion to the remaining posts depends upon the service record and availability of these posts.

SSC CGL Tier – I ( NRA CET ) Complete Syllabus

The examination comprises of Four Sections having 100 Questions ( 25 Questions in each section ) which will account for a total of 200 marks (maximum 50 marks in each section). The time duration of Tier-1 exam will be 60 minutes.

View SSC CGLE Complete Syllabus

SSC CGLE : Wise Approach

It is our sincere advice to take the below given points seriously while you prepare for the upcoming SSC CGL exam. It will certainly go a long way in ensuring your success.

Prefer Self-Study

Though it is true that government competitive exams are very tough, still we advice you to go for Self Study. This is the best way to prepare for the competitive examinations as you shall be able to save much of your precious time that you waste everyday in going out for a nearby coaching center, depending on the teacher, and wasting your time and money.

Seeking Others’ Help

Instead of going for out coaching center everyday, you should join a reputed Online coaching in case you need some external help regarding the solving of certain questions or keeping someone more experienced with you while your preparations,

What are the Benefits of an Online Coaching ?

There are numerous benefits of learning with an Online Coaching for SSC CGLE or government exams:

Time Saving : You will save a lot of your time as you get the online coaching right in your  Mobile or Computer. So , you can study and take regular guidance sitting at your home at your own convenient  time .

Teachers Available ( 24×7 ) : As an online coaching student your teachers are always at your disposal . All you have to do is to send your question by email or any other preferred media and you get the detailed solution within 24 hours. Hence you need not  to chase the ever busy and reluctant coaching teachers , thanks to the widespread reach of internet facilities in India . It save you from wasting lots of your time and energy .

Study Material and other Teaching Inputs : Every good Online coaching institute provides you with the latest , up to date Study Material which is designed by highly experienced professional teachers based on the latest examination patterns . This study ,material helps you to do focused study without worrying for what to study and what not to study.

The Study material also includes Test Series which is very much helpful and gives you an actual examination feeling and experience .

Experience of Actual Examination : Since, today all the government recruitment examinations are  conducted  Online, it is imperative that you get accustomed to the online examination pattern . Your lack of experience in taking up online examination will certainly affect your performance in the actual examination. Hence, it is advisable that you keep taking Mock Tests regularly .

Mock Tests are a regular part of teaching methodology of good Online Coaching institutes .

Student Dash Board : A good online coaching provides you with a Student dash Board where all your Study Material and Lectures remain well saved . So, you can go to your Student dash board just by logging and study as many times as you need .

Your well up to date Study Material is always with while your preparations. You need not to waste your time in going to a local coaching center just to write the teachers’ lectures .

Best Teachers’ Support : Most of the good online coaching institutes hire best and highly experienced professional  teachers who develop study material and give teaching support to the registered students . Hence , you get support of the best brains for your studies .

Money Saving : The online institute offer much better teaching in a comparatively very low fees .

If you compare Fee Structure of a Local Coaching Institute with a good online coaching institute then you will realize that you are get the best teaching support in by paying a  very LOW FEE .

Make a Pragmatic “Study Time – Table”

You must prepare a good daily study time table and follow that religiously up to your examination .

Daily 8 Hours Studies: On an average you must dedicate 8 Hours to your studies daily for making a sound preparation .

Gap Between Studies : You should give a gap of 10 minutes before you start your next chapter / subject to ensure that you don’t get exhausted .

Revision : Give some time for Revision of the Previous Day Study and then take up your studies  further .

It will help develop a very sound knowledge and you will not forget anything while taking the actual examination.

Hence , it is advised that when you start your next subject or chapter you give 10 to 20 minutes to revise what you had studied the previous day or previous week .

Mock Tests : Always take Mock Test before you progress to the next chapter . It will give you a clear idea of your knowledge in that particular chapter. If you feel that you could do better then revise that particular chapter properly  and  attempt the Mock test again.

Online coaching institutes put no check on this and you can keep on repeating  this process as many times as you like to master the subject .

You Should Give Equal Weightage to All Subjects

Your selection in the bank clerk competitive examination depends on your over  all performance in all the subjects . Hence, you should give equal attention to all the subjects in your daily studies  .

You Should Study As Per The Examination Pattern

Before you start your dedicated studies, you must get yourselves well acquainted with the syllabus and examination pattern. It will help you in planning your  studies in a more focused way . Since the examination is conducted online , hence you must keep practicing online tests and be comfortable with it .

Special Note

If you are planning to appear in the forthcoming SSC CGL examinations, then you must read the above article. It will give answer to all of your queries in this regard and keep you updated about the latest examination pattern and selection process.

The young job seekers  often ask “What to do after 12th to become a government employee” or What is the salary of government employee after passing SSC CGLE” or “ What is better IBPS Clerk or Bank PO” or “government employee” or “ How can I study to become a government employee” or “ what does a government employee work ? You can Find Detailed Answers to All such Queries in the above Article .

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