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You can join this govt exams coaching by Success Bureau absolutely free. The Government of India conducts over 251 Government exams every year. Some of the most popular Govt Exams are:

  • RRB Group D
  • SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
  • IBPS/SBI Clerk Exam
  • LIC ( and other insurance exams)
  • IBPS/SBI PO Exams
  • NABARD, and 
  • Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET).

251 Govt Exams Coaching to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Start your preparations for the forthcoming Government Exams Absolutely Free. Success Bureau offers you the best Study Material, Video Tutorials, and Mock Tests ( based on the actual examination pattern).

Test of Quantitative Aptitude

MATHS NEW 2 page 0001

Course Content

  • Square Root & Cube Root 
  • Ratio & Proportion                       
  • Compound Ratio                               
  • Percentage                                          
  • Partnership                                            
  • Profit and Loss                             
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest                                    
  • Average                                             
  • Time , Work & Wages , Pipe & Cistern                                      
  • Time & Distance                         
  • Streams                                                
  • Statistics


  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Squares
  • Division           
  • Fractions
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Addition  of a Fraction with a Number
  • Mixed Fractions
  • Multiplication of Fractions
  • Division of Fractions

Test of Reasoning Ability

REASONING NEW 2 page 0001

Course Content

  • Problems based on Alphabets
  • Problems based on Position
  • Problems based on Coding and Decoding       
  • Problems based on Odd Man Out
  • Problems based on Series
  • Problems based on Code Language
  • Problems based on Mathematical Signs Replacement
  • Problems based on Word Replacement
  • Problems based on Symbol Language
  • Problems based on Interchange of Signs and Numbers  
  • Problems based on Syllogism or Statement and Conclusions
  • Problems based on Sequence
  • Problems based on Relationships
  • Problems based on Comparison
  • Problems based on Series Completion              
  • Problems based on Inference of Passage 
  • Problems based on Statement and Conclusions                
  • Problems based on Statement and Assumptions                  
  • Problems based on Statement and Arguments                   
  • Practice exercises                                                                                                               

Test of English Language

English NEW page 0001

Course Content

Test of English Language ( Set 1 to Set 10 )  

  • Answer Keys with Solution ( Set 1 to Set 10 )  

 Test of English Language ( Practice Exercises Set 1 to Set 10 )

  • Answer Keys with Solution ( Set 1 to Set 10 )  

Test of General Awareness


India,  India’s Neighbors,  Rivers in India,  Climate of India , Indian National Anthem, Song & Calendar Crops of India,  Famous projects, Famous Vocalists,  Dances of India , Folk Dances,  Indian Music systems , Musical Instruments & Associated Persons,   First Ranked Indian States in Mineral Production, First Ranked Indian States in Crop Production,  State- wise List of Crops in India, Largest Crop Producing Country, National Parks of India, Game Sanctuaries,  Famous Persons & Their Contemporaries, Sources of  Indian History ,  Indus Valley Civilization , Vedic Culture,  Later Vedic or Epic Period,  Religious Movements in India,  Kings & Empires in Ancient India,  Important Dynasties in The South,  Important Muslim Dynasties & Rulers in India , Literary Developments during the Medieval Kingdoms, The most important North Indian Temples , Important Governor Generals of  Indian,  Important Viceroys of India (1856 to 1947),  Indian National Congress , Important Dates in Indian History ,  Important Dates in World History, Important Battles in Indian History, Major Disease Carriers and Diseases Caused by Them, Common  Diseases and Affected Body Parts,   Diseases and Causative Organisms, Deficiency Diseases,  Terms Used in Different Games,  Games and Associated Trophies, United Nations Organization ( UNO ),  UN Principal Organs,  UN Agencies,   Major Organizations and their Headquarters.

General Economics And Banking Services


Banking in India, Reserve Bank of India  , Commercial Banks , Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Banks,

Regional Rural Banks, Cooperative Banks, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, Cash Reserve Ratio, Statutory Liquidity Ratio ( SLR ), Bank Rate, CASA Ratio, Offshore Banking Unit, Asset Classification, Know Your Customer ( KYC ), Sovereign Debt Crisis, Greek Crisis, Fiscal Deficit  Revenue Deficit,

Primary Deficit, FRBM Act, Direct  Taxes, Indirect Taxes, BUDGET, Consolidated Fund , Contingency Fund ,  Public   Account ,  Revenue Receipt & Expenditure,  Capital Receipt & Expenditure , Revenue Budget & Capital Budget, Economic Survey, Deposit  Insurance, Cheque Truncation System, Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS) , National Electronic Fund Transfer ( NEFT ), Base Rate, Indian Depository Receipts ( IDR ), Double-Dip Recession, Nomination,  Profitability of Banks, Non-tax Revenues, Capital Receipts, Public Debt, Treasury Bills (T- Bills) , Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency ( EEFC ) Account,

Reserve Bank of India ‘ Oversight ’  Functioning, Self- help Groups ( SHG ), Priority-sector Lending, Islamic Finance, White Label ATMs, Brown label ATMs, Bad Loan, A Loss Asset, Core Inflation,

Types of ETFs, Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ), Liquidity , Electronic Clearing Service ( ECS ), CIBIL , Foreign Institutional Investor ( FII ), Initial Public Offering ( IPO ),  Negotiated Dealing System ( NDS ), Statutory Liquid Ratio ( SLR ) Investments, Non-SLR  Investments, Teaser Rates, Arbitrage, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System ( AEPS ) , BHIM APP, Currency Management , Major Agricultural Revolutions, Important Abbreviations.

Introduction To Computer

Historical facts of Computer , Full form of Computer  , Brief  Description of Computer, Characteristics of Computer ,  Optical Drives ,  Hard Drives , CPU (Processor)  , RAM (Memory) , Virus Protection, Video card , Computers’ Classification Based on Size  , Computers’ Classification Based on Working , Computers’ Classification Based on Purpose , Peripheral Devices , Types of Peripheral Devices , Types of Operating System , Uses of Computer , Notebook , Microsoft  Office , , Microsoft  Word , Microsoft  Excel , Microsoft Access , Microsoft  Outlook , Microsoft OneNote , Microsoft Publisher , Computer Abbreviations .

Special Note

Students are advised to take up each section of this Govt Exams Coaching. The course material is professionally prepared and it is based on the questions asked in the actual examinations. This a unique “All-in-One” Govt Exams Coaching for Your Success.

In case you are unable to understand any part of this Govt Exams Coaching, then you are welcome to contact us through e-mail. You will get reply withing 3 working days. Hence, join this Govt Exams Coaching now and ensure your success.

Success Mantra

There is no doubt that government exams are highly competitive. However, there are a few key things you can do to increase your chances of success:

The first step should to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. After that, you must give time to access your weak points.

You should visit the official website of the relevant government exam websites to know the correct exam schedule. You should start your preparations accordingly in advance, to avoid the last minute frustration.

Here, we would also like to advice you that you create and strictly follow a study Time-table. Your study time-table must give sufficient time for each sections of the exam.

Besides, you must practice mock tests available in this free course so that you may develop confidence.

Since, current affairs is also included in the exam syllabus, you must stay updated with current affairs. You can do this by reading newspapers and magazines, watching news channels, and following social media accounts of news organizations.

Time management is also of utmost importance because you have to properly cover a vast syllabus in limited time. You should also avoid distractions from your study, and stay focused, eat healthy food, do some exercises daily, go out for a 15 minute walk, and discuss your progress with your study partner/friend or family member. Keep a proper record of the part of syllabus you have covered properly and give some time for revision every day.

Remember, success in government exams requires hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. If you follow the tips above and put in the necessary effort, you will increase your chances of success. Good Luck!!


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