English Language Mock Test 13

Welcome to your English Language Mock Test 13

(a) approval (b) appology (c) appeal (d) appetite

DIRECTIONS : Q. 1-15 :          In each of the following questions, there are four words, of which one is misspelt. You have to find the misspelt word .

(a) governer (b) operator (c) controller (d) narrator

(a) despair (b) maintenance (c) maintain (d) desperate

(a) truely (b) rudely (c) cruelly (d) verbally

(a) injurious (b) dangerous (c) wonderous (d) ponderous

(a) democracy (b) advocacy (c) aristocracy (d) courtec

(a) flowery (b) dowery (c) jewelry (d) robbery

(a) winning (b) winner (c) writer (d) writting

(a) peep (b) deep (c) weak (d) weap

(a) adhere (b) advice (c) adiction (d) address

(a) carriage (b) garrage (c) marriage (d) barrage

(a) might (b) hight (c) light (d) fight

(a) lovable (b) honourary (c) honorable (d) laudable

(a) accuse (b) accept (c) accute (d) accustom

(a) advice (b) practice (c) life (d) paradice