English Language Mock Test 18

Welcome to your English Language Mock Test 18

Modern critics are agreed / that Kalidas is as great / if not greater / poet than Tennyson / No Error.

Our father used to say / that reading of history added / to one’s knowledge / No Error.

I have written to the Chairman / that if he wants me to cope with / the work he should give me / a better and efficient typist / No Error.

Drunk as he was he drove the car /so fastly that every moment / there was a danger / of accident / No Error.

I have calculated that / the circulation of the times of India / is larger than that of / any daily in the country / No Error.

The candidate’s score is not high / and / I have no hesitation in recommending him / for the job / No Error.

The examination has / been postponed / to / September / No Error.

The escape of David to France / was successfully arranged, but no sooner was this done / that / George was captured and held prisoner / No Error.

Hardly had I reached / the bus stop I / was hit by / a very thick metal rod / No Error.

He claims that / he has read/ the book word by word / No Error.