English Language Mock Test 6

Welcome to your English Language Mock Test 6

The organizers of the conference have ——————– the allegations made against them.

Q. 1 – 10 : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill the blanks to make the sentences meaningfully complete :

Untouchability is still in vogue and atrocities are being ————– against Dalits.

The Prime Minister has————–people to restore peace.

He brought forward several—————–arguments in support of his scheme.

Young people are expected to ————– to the wishes of their elders.

Since you knew they were planning to come today you ——————-have stayed at home.

Being very —————–, he is slow but decisive in resolving disputes.

As an organization changes from one system to another ———————- , problems would no doubt arise.

I am amenable ————–disease as the humid climate does not agree ——————me.