Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test 14

Welcome to your Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test 14

What is 20% of 50?

A class of 40 students has 24 boys. What percentage of the class are boys?

A shopkeeper gives a 10% discount on a product marked at Rs. 100. What is the selling price of the product?

A student scores 75 marks in a test out of a total of 100 marks. What is the student's percentage score?

A population of 1000 people increases by 10% in one year. What is the new population?

A company reduces its workforce by 20%. If the original workforce was 500 employees, how many employees are left?

A product is sold for a profit of 25%. If the cost price of the product is Rs. 100, what is the selling price?

A student scores 60 marks in a test out of a total of 80 marks. What percentage increase is needed to score 75 marks?

A car is depreciated by 10% every year. If the original price of the car is Rs. 10,000, what is its value after 2 years?

A mixture contains 40% milk and 60% water. What percentage of the mixture should be removed to make the milk content 50%?