Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test 25

Welcome to your Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test 25

The average of 5 numbers is 10. If we remove the largest and smallest numbers, the average of the remaining 3 numbers is 8. What is the sum of the largest and smallest numbers?

A group of 10 students has an average weight of 50 kg. A new student joins the group, and the average weight of the group becomes 51 kg. What is the weight of the new student?

A cricket team plays 10 matches and wins 6 of them. What is the team's winning percentage?

A student takes 4 exams and gets the following grades: 90, 85, 75, and 95. The student wants to get an overall average of 90. What grade does the student need to get on the 5th exam?

A company is selling a product for Rs.10. The company wants to increase the price of the product so that the average price of the product and a new product that the company is developing is Rs.15. The new product will cost Rs. 20. What price should the company set for the existing product?

A group of students is taking a test. The average score for the first half of the test is 80, and the average score for the second half of the test is 90. What is the overall average score for the test?