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E-Learning Proposal to the School Principal


The Principal

Xyz School

Xyz .

Sub. : Free implementation of “E – learning support” in your school for KG to 12th grade students .

Dear Sir,

We are a fast growing E-Learning portal offering innovative teaching resources for schools.

We are interested in associating with your esteemed institution to offer our unparalleled teaching support for mutual benefits.

Our innovative presentation of different chapters by way of videos and study material develops students’ interest in learning and help them understand even the difficult topics in a very effective manner.

Highlights :

  • Teachers can play the video/s online and later on explain the topic in their own words to ensure that each and every student has properly followed the concept.
  • The students can attain the class sitting at their home, and easily interact with the teacher, to clear their doubts, if any.
  • In class room, a teacher can easily make use of our concept videos, study material and MCQs to help students understand the topic.
  • The concept videos can also be played if a teacher is absent, to fruitfully engage the students.
  • If a student fails to attain a class he/she can still cover the class work using our online resources.
  • Since our concept clearing video tutorials shall remain available online to the students 24×7 , they can keep revising their chapters as many times as they wish .
  • It will also relieve the parents from the additional burden of hiring home tutors or sending their wards to local coaching centers after school time .

No doubt, the use of our E-Learning platform offers many advantages to the students and teachers.

It will surely improve the students’ overall performance in their examinations.

It will also go a long way in building a long lasting reputation of your esteemed institution and attract more and more students joining the school every year.

Besides E-learning support for KG to 12th grade students, we also offer an array of job oriented courses in the field of Technology, Business and Management, Arts / Painting, Accounting, Soft Skills, Music / Singing, Dance etc.

The students can opt these courses as per their interest, along with their regular course, to develop their skill.

To begin our association we shall be pleased to offer our package absolutely free for six months.

Please give us an appointment so that we may give you a demo of our E-learning resources.


Sunil Gupta

Development Manager

Edsara Innovations    

Mumbai ( India )

Note : An Inspiring Quote can be given at the end of the letter after the main content :

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn – Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada.


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