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By Piyush Pankaj Srivastava


How to make a Guy Fall in Love with You over Text Messages?

Hey Girls, are you wondering to know “how to make a guy fall in love with you”. If Yes, then making your guy fall in love over text messages is the most effective way today. You can find here dozens of alluring text messages and get a good account on “how to make a guy fall in love with you over text messages”?

But before you get carried away with your love thoughts and learn how to make a guy fall in love, you must reaffirm yourself whether your choice is perfect and most suitable for you or not. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a horrifying experience. Just ask these three questions yourself:

  1. What do you want out of this relationship?
  2. Is this the same guy whom you always wanted to be with and make him your life partner?
  3. Shall you be happy with this guy?

If you get an affirmative answer to all the above questions, then the last thing that you should do is to ask yourself is “Do you deserve that Guy”. It is very important because if you are convinced, then you can make a conscious step to realize your dream and make the guy yours forever.

Make it Memorable for Him

There can be millions of ways to express your feelings in today’s high-tech life. You can express your love feelings for him the way you want but be sure that it respects his feelings, he feels attracted to you and your initial advances become memorable for him. It is bound to make a lasting impact and he will fall in your love.

Discover your Innate Love

You can do it by thoughtfully choosing your words and wrapping them with your innate love. You are an affable person, full of love and grace; you don’t need to copy-paste what others are doing.

You just give voice to the love signals of your heart. You discover the innate love within you and convert them into your ‘love messages’ for your love.

If you do so, your every word, crafted for the guy you love, will sound like a melody to him and you will become the most favorite person in the guy’s life. He will fall in love with you.

Let loose your Immaculate Love

Showering your love on someone you love should always be effortless. It never calls for any money or consumes your time. You should dive into a long-lasting love relationship in a slow and steady manner.

Golden Rules

You must endorse yourself again and again before starting your escapade to win your dream guy’s heart. Purity in your approach can be easily achieved if you follow these golden rules:

• Honesty & Sincerity is the Key

To feel the juicy affection and get deep into your would-be lover’s imaginations, it is imperative that you be sincere and honest in your approach. If you take things lightly or for granted, your dreams of enjoying a love life with your loved one will crumble like a house of cards.

• Say, “I Love You”

It is a good idea to be vocal and express your feelings towards the guy you love even when you are out of the mood, busy, or feeling tired. Your inconsistency towards the whole escapade can do more damage than good. It hardly takes a second to say, ‘I Love You So Much, Dear’. It will invigorate your relationship and fill it with new energy inundated with love. Your guy will fall deeply in your love.

• Be a Part of His Life

Out of Sight often means Out of Mind. It is imperative for you to get involved with the guy’s routine life and try to be a ‘tension reliever’ by expressing your concerns and offering advice whenever required. The guy will gradually develop a feeling that you are always with him whenever he passes through thin phases in life. A feeling of dependability will unconsciously grow in his mind. It will be the foundation of your effervescent, consolidated love live.

• Surprise Your Love

Your small prank can fill your love with fresh joy, kindle his eyes, and make your relationship more meaningful and colorful. So enjoy every moment of life, remain in a jolly mood, keep on the lookout for happy moments, and enjoy them together.  It is not imperative that you be physically present with your guy to play a prank or be naughty to tease him. It can easily be done from a distance by the use of mobile phones, tablets or PC. All you need is to be innovative and often come out with such playful, naughty ideas as may surprise and refresh him. He will easily fall in love with you.

• Know His Likes & Dislikes

Unless you know your guy’s likes and dislikes you probably cannot win his heart. Whether it is his work, eating habits, fun making, or anything related to his routine life, you should have a fair idea of it and keep these things in your mind while interacting with him.  It will always keep him happy, and he will be very happy to reply to you in the same token of love.

• Be Consistent

As discussed earlier, you should always be consistent in your love relationship to nurture it and see it grow boundless.

• Respect His Feelings

Getting respect is always a two-way process. You cannot expect to see respect in your loved one’s eyes unless you show your full respect and commitment towards him on and often.

• Expect Less Do More

Deep and enduring love is never based on expectations, financial gains, or desire to achieve personal goals out of the relationship. Your true love, affection, and devotion can guarantee you that your love will fall in love with you and will always remain yours.

Fifty-one Alluring Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

Text messaging has become an instant, widely used tool to entice one’s guy today. You should also start your love journey through cautiously chosen words to ensure that it hits the right chord and perfectly does the job intended by you. Here is a list of highly Impactful, engrossing, and long-lasting text messages for your boyfriend:

  1. My dear, I need you.
  2. Oh, I am so thankful for your support.
  3. I love the way you take things so positively.
  4. You won’t believe but it is true my life has changed for the better because of you.
  5. I can’t imagine life without you.
  6. I will never forget whatever you have done for me.
  7. Oh, the way you support me I feel so special honey.
  8. I like your approach towards life.
  9. You are such a considerate person.
  10. I feel proud to be yours.
  11. Oh, I am so happy. Thanks a lot for being my hubby.
  12. I love your charm, your smile dear.
  13. Truly, you are the greatest blessing of my life.
  14. You are my greatest source of inspiration, whenever I feel lost.
  15. You won’t believe but it is true I have never been so happy in my life.
  16. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  17. I really can’t imagine anyone else in my life now.
  18. I need you forever.
  19. I feel so blessed dear you are mine.
  20. I love you by my heart.
  21. I just want to tell you how much you matter to me.
  22. I would do anything to make you happy all my life.
  23. Without you, I’d be a completely lost person.
  24. God has blessed me with such an incredible man.
  25. We make a good pair.
  26. I keep longing to be in your arms.
  27. I love it when you kiss me.
  28. You belong to me is my sweet feeling.
  29. It is you who gave me the feeling of love.
  30. I will always keep you happy.
  31. I cannot think of life beyond you.
  32. I will always support you.
  33. Your every act makes me fall deeper in your love.
  34. I always feel attracted to you.
  35. I am all praise for you.
  36. You always remain in my thoughts.
  37. I’m thankful to God for giving me, my love.
  38. I like everything about you.
  39. Never feel alone dear I am always with you in your thick and thin.
  40. I’m always with you.
  41. My best memories are related to the quality time I spend with you.
  42. Your presence has brought happiness into my life.
  43. You are always close to my heart.
  44. Your timely advices have made me a better person.
  45. I will never let you down dear.
  46. I feel on top of the world when you are around me.
  47. You will always find me with you if you are passing through rough weather.
  48. I love your kindness and generosity towards others.
  49. I cannot imagine loving anyone else as much as I love you.
  50. I am all yours forever honey.
  51. Honey, I miss your kisses. You are my soul mate.

The above “love messaging” list can go on and on. Based on the above messages you should also coin similarly themed messages and use them effectively at different occasions/events to lure your guy and keep the love relationship vibrant full of hopes and colors.

Now, you would have understood “How to make a guy fall in love with You over text messages” ?  To make your Love Life more interesting, full of sex and glamour at times you can become more naughty and use sexy terms in your conversations, ask him what he wants to see or just tell him that is not wearing anything while messaging him. You can just tell him that he is so sexy or you see him in your dreams. You can send him your sexy pics and tell him that you cannot wait anymore and that tonight you are taking him to your bedroom. You can also invite him for a walk or ask him for a dinner party. It will begin a new chapter in your love life and take things to another level.

Things You Must Avoid

There are certain acts that you must never do. To point out some:

  • You should never compare him with other guys. If you keep doing so then he may start avoiding you.
  • You should never be demanding.
  • Never show dislike if he gives a small gift. You should accept his gifts, whether small or big, with great appreciation and say thanks for his good gestures.
  • Never let him feel neglected. You should always respond to him swiftly and never say that you are too busy to talk to him. It may give him a wrong signal and he will feel that you no longer love him.

Take Away

The above details would have given you a perfect idea on “How to make a guy fall in love with You over text messages” ? It may sound you weird but it is true that every person needs to be pampered with nicely crafted, tempting words. Your boyfriend means a lot to you. He is always with you when you need him. He always supports you and gives you perfect advice that makes your life a bed of roses. So, being his best friend you should always respect his feelings and do whatever you can to make his life full of joy and energy. You should remain a constant source of inspiration for your soul mate and never let him feel that he is alone.

Undoubtedly, the best moment in a girl’s life is when she meets the guy of her dreams and when she realizes that this is the guy with whom she can spend her life. It hardly matters whether it is love at the first sight or otherwise. What matters the most is the guy’s unconditional love and affection for her. So, the best way to catch your boyfriend’s attention and make him yours forever is to consistently remain in touch with him through text messaging. It will reaffirm your love for him again and again.  Your romantic and sweet messages coming from your heart will make him realize that you care for him and he will fall in your love. You must let him realize that he is so special to you. Your genuine approach will surely win you your would-be life partner’s heart forever.

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